Nottingham Women's History Group

May 6, 2019

Ethel Gordon Fenwick – The First Nurse

This year (2019) marks the centenary of the Nurses Registration Act of 1919 which was only realised after a lengthy campaign. Ethel Gordon Fenwick nee Manson (1857-1947) was one of the leaders of this campaign and appears as Nurse Number 1 when the register opened in 1923.

April 8, 2019

Blue Plaque Walks

Come and join us on a walk around some of blue plaques in Nottingham dedicated to the amazing women who lived and worked here!

The walks run:

  • Thurs 11th July 2019,
April 8, 2019

Women Authors Walks

Come and join us for a walk celebrating the authors of Nottingham!

The walk will run:

  • Sun 6th October 2019, 2 pm

Starting at the Right Lion at the Council House

Suggested donation is £3

For more information contact: